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Why the Newly Feds Need a Fire Extinguisher…

Last evening while making Lentil Soup, we learned a lesson.

What goes better with Lentil Soup than homemade biscuits? Not much. As we prepared the biscuits, the order of the ingredients got mixed up. Instead of the butter being cut in to the flour mixture and then adding milk, as the recipe recommends, we added milk to the flour mixture and then mixed in the butter. Well, Kate should have paid attention more closely in Food Science class, because if she had she may have guessed what was about to happen.

After baking for about 10 minutes, Sean went to check on the biscuits. He noticed that instead of smelling like deliciousness, the kitchen smelled of acrid burning fat. He opened the oven and SMOKE billowed out. So much smoke, that it filled our entire apartment. You see, what happened is that the chunks of butter in the improperly mixed dough melted on the pan, dripped onto the floor of the oven, and burned. Luckily for us, there was smoke without fire. Unluckily for us, everything we own smells like torched butter.

We spent the rest of Monday night (and most of Tuesday afternoon) febreezing, cleaning and airing out our apartment, which still smells like smoke.

Lesson learned: Follow directions.


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