About Us

Welcome to The Newly Feds! We are the Abernathys, a newly married couple living near Chicago. We are in our first year of marriage, and we are setting out to enjoy our new life by cooking and eating our way through our favorite foods and visiting some of Chicago’s best restaurants. “Wow,” you might say, “‘newly wed weight gain‘ is going to hit them…and hard!” Don’t worry, we promise to remain our svelte, sexy selves all while living life to the fullest. In fact, we are hoping to do just the opposite and prevent the blissful bulge, staying healthy and happy, all while avoiding ever being hungry.

Mine's mint. What's yours?

The svelte and sexy couple.

So what qualifies us to write a food blog and why should you read it? Well, besides being an educated, healthy, and fun-loving young couple, we are actually pretty decent cooks. We know that these days it is hip to describe yourself as a “foodie”, but, seriously…we know food.  Sean,  an attorney, nearly attended culinary school, is an adventurous home cook, and reads just about anything he can get his hands on about restaurants, food and food culture. Kate, a registered dietitian, is not only a certified expert in nutrition and clinical dietetics, but is also a fantastic cook and an avid baker. Together, we are a couple who loves little more than a beautiful, delicious, and healthy meal cooked with a little creativity and whole lot of love.

As we say in the title, this is a blog about food, love, and marriage. In essence, this blog is designed to be a chronicle of who we are as a couple, what we love to cook, and how much we love to eat (in moderation, course). As of now, there is no set schedule for posts, but we promise to post as often as time allows.

So, that’s us in a nutshell. We hope that you enjoy the site and visit often.

Stay Hungry,

Sean & Kate


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